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Plant the Future


We will plant a tree for you on our protected lands that will ensure its survival & nurturing for future generations. Your name will be added to our tree planters database.

Fund a Forest


Our active reforestation & agro-forestry program plants hardwoods, fruit & nut trees & various medicinal plants. We develop and support sustainable projects & forest care taking initiatives. While also providing financial support, tools, equipment, infrastructure & expertise to our affiliated partners. Your donation will contribute to our ongoing & developing forest projects.

Sponsor an Acre


Saving rainforest is the first step in the process of creating a sustainable future in the Amazon and for our collective future. We will send you a certificate with a map of forest you have protected. Our care-taking program will ensure your forest is safeguarded for future generations!  (one hectare = 2.5 Acres)

bead bracelet 



Sacred handiwork. Hand made traditional ceremonial bracelet

sacred song pillow



Sacred handiwork. Shipibo Design ceremonial pillow

gourd   rattles



Sacred handiwork. Shipibo Ceremonial Rattle

Adopt a Tree


We will plant a tree for you and send a certificate with the GPS co-ordinates. In the future, you may want visit your tree or if you wait a while, you may even be able to view it on Google Earth!  

Balance Your Environmental Footprint


if you are interested in supporting Treesource, balancing your environmental footprint through us is a great & empowering option. Using a carbon calculator such as that found on the carbon neutral website, calculate your monetary offset and use the 'fund a forest' button to make a donation.







Plant the Future
Adopt a Tree
Sponsor an Acre

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