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Through our volunteers we have also developed connections with an orphanage project in Lima, 'Projecto Peru'. When we have sufficient funding in place we want to be able to receive groups of these amazing children at the Santuario and give them an introduction to jungle life and the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that this part of their culture offers.

branching out



The situation in the Amazon is complex. It is not as simple as buying forest and conserving it. A climate of sustainable economic empowerment needs to be developed. In our focused way we outreach to the community wherever possible and support individuals and projects that are in alignment with our values and aims. This includes working with other local environmental, protection and education organisations as well as local communities and individuals. 

One of our projects is an exchange program with other local ecotourism and jungle retreat centers. We organize inter-centre visits and skill-sharing workshops both with our visitors, trainers and facilitators. By sharing in this way we have access to a greater pool of experience and specialist local knowledge and understanding.

We are also in discussions with a Pucallpa University Professor to create a university course based around conservation and agroforestry. Students would work with us on our land Fundo Reyna de la Selva, documenting the flora and fauna and developing conservation and agroforestry models as part of their studies.