The Amazon Rainforest is the most biologically diverse place on Earth. Current research estimates that one and one-half acres of rainforest are lost every second. The loss of biodiversity and the subsequent environmental impact will have a fundamental effect on the lives of every living being on this planet.

The economic system in the Amazon region is highly dependent on hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) due to the great distances people and goods need to be transported. Combined with a hyper-developing industrial economy, it is creating high regional inflation as the finite nature of resources becomes ever more apparent within the parameters of this fragile ecosystem.

This pressure on the environment and local communities creates a net snowballing effect of deforestation and exploitation of indigenous peoples, their resources and intellectual property.

As inflation continues many move to the cities to look for industrial or manual work. This can lead to a significant reduction in quality of life as health and safety, workers' rights, child labour laws, and basic living standards are either eroded or neglected due to the lack of state infrastructure. Alternatively, in rural and agricultural settings, people are forced to exploit the environment through industrialization and unsustainable practices in an effort to survive the economic realities of capitalism. These practices then compound the problems of deforestation and environmental pollution.

Adding to this is the intoxication of the younger generations by the trappings of modern living and the Twenty First Century values (mobile phones, brand names, television, internet etc). Fewer and fewer young people are learning or preserving the wealth of information and experience that these forest-dwelling societies have distilled and passed down through the generations.

This consumer-driven environment also marginalizes community-based values. Traditional agricultural methods, medicinal and shamanic knowledge and all the benefits associated with these practices are falling by the wayside.

The aim of this project is to turn this process around by offering a viable economic and sustainable alternative. The TreeSourceFoundation is dedicated to nurturing & protecting this exceptionally important ecosystem and the knowledge held within, for all generations present & future.












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