"The Rainforest is the largest natural library & pharmacy on the planet. In the Amazon the destruction of the forest is happening at an unprecedented rate. Big business and current economic pressures are assisting and contributing to this process. Preserving the forest, reforesting and creating a sustainable economy is imperative and the best possible course of action to take right now. This grass roots TreeSource Foundation is a great way to make a difference and support the growing tide of change that needs to happen here now, so that we may preserve this unique heritage for all and future generations. Thank you for your support! "

Pablo Cesar Amaringo

Visionary Artist



Through running Eco tourism and healing retreats, we have built good relationships with 4 local Shipibo communities - Dos Unidos, Vista Allegre, Nuevo Paraiso and San Francisco ...These Villages are spead along the Ucayali & Pachetea Rivers, Tributaries of the mighty Amazon River. We arrange cultural exchange events in the villages and at The Santuario which include culinary workshops, tribal demonstrations & skill sharing of local customs and forest knowledge. We also buy their artisan craft products and forest produce to sell at Tree Source fund raising  events and through our online shop.







connecting the creative



We support local artists in Pullcapa by arranging viewings of their work with our 'Eco tourist' groups. In particular, we work with students of the late Don Pablo Amaringo, who was an avid supporter of our work and passionate about conserving the rainforest. Don Pablo left us an epic legacy of artists, such as Dimas Parades, featured to the left, specializing in Neo Amazonian & Shamanic style of sacred visionary art. Visits to his school are one of the highlights of the cultural programme for the Eco-tour groups.



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Artisans, Leonardo and Daisy display their handmade jewerly.   TreeSource  will have available custom made jewelry online to be shipped to you.