We are looking for volunteers to work with us both in the forest and at home with TreeSource planning & project development. If you have a passion for people and the forest, enthusiasm, skills & vision...we want to work with you! 
Alternatively you may feel inspired to hold a TreeSource fundraiser in your area or amongst your friends; you can also affiliate TreeSource with your business, existing project or event.
If any of the above resonates with you, please contact us and let us know how we can help to combine your vision & skills with our projects to develop an awesome & rewarding partnership!
Plant the Future
You can get involved by planting or adopting a tree or maybe you even sponsoring an acre! Every tree we plant together, every acre we save, makes the difference! With the our care-taking programs & stewardship these acres become rainforest for the future!
It is a great gift idea for friends & family as the trees and forest grow with us, providing a personal connection to the rainforest and our home, Planet Earth. You can learn more about the process on our shop & donate page.


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Balance Your Environmental Footprint
If you are interested in supporting Treesource, balancing your environmental footprint through us is a great & empowering option. Using a carbon calculator such as that found on the carbon neutral website, calculate your monetary offset and use the 'fund a forest' button in our shop & donate page to make a donation.
(We understand that carbon offset theory is somewhat flawed, however until there is a better way to calculate environmental footprint to money ratios we are using it as a ballpark calculation - any suggestions on a better method of calculating environmental footprint will be gratefully received)